Maintenance of schools in India and Bangladesh

Although most schools in India and Bangladesh are self-financing and supported by the local authorities, repairs are necessary from time to time to keep the schools in good condition. Larger construction measures, such as the repair of the roof in Rampura or the repair of the defective door in Chandanpur as well as the annual repairs due to monsoon damage are covered by the German sponsorship.


Are the schools still necessary? – We meet two former students

AGAPE e.V. aims to provide all children with equal access to education and at least one hot meal a day. Especially for those who are forgotten by state institutions. Christine Weitmann therefore built schools in slums and rural areas where the children are needed for work in the fields and therefore have no opportunity to go to school. Some of the schools are now no longer needed or have been taken over by the state.


Together with the Indian sponsorship AGAMEE we visited the village school in Chandanpur. Although it was a holiday, the students came to the school to show us their knowledge. Even two former, now adult, students came by. They thanked us for the chance they had been given by the school of AGAPE/AGAMEE. The student is now a goldsmith and thanks to the school education he can now earn his living. The other former pupil came with her child, who is almost one year old - she can now work as a weaver, building on her education at school.



We meet two former AGAMEE students (from left to right: volunteer of AGAMEE, Prof. Dr. Sunil Das, former student, Christine Weitmann, Taan Das, teacher, Dr. Martin Maier)



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