Masks for slum dwellers in Nepal

In Nepal, there is still a strict lockdown and no one is allowed on the streets. But our partner Bishnu Parajuli wanted to go to the slums to distribute masks and hygiene items. So he first approached the local police and asked for cooperation. Already there he distributed 200 masks, because the police have to carry out their operations without protection. With the support of the police, he then distributed 3500 masks to children and adults in Bagmati River corridor slum area for three days. Two more days he was in UN Park slum area and distributed another 2500 masks. In the next few days, he will continue to provide masks to residents in other slums.
Bishnu thanks all members of AGAPE for their great support. Many people are sick, have fever and headache, but there are no masks and hygiene items. It is very bad, he writes, but besides the products Bishnu can bring some hope to these people. They all thank him for the wonderful support.


Thank you also from the AGAPE team for your generous donations and stay healthy!

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