News from India and Nepal

In March and April 2024, we visited our long-standing partner associations AGAMEE in India and the United Serve Society in Nepal. We inspected current projects and planned future projects. Click on the links for more detailed descriptions of the projects we visited:


  • Tutoring and training center 'Poila Marshal' for children and young people of the Santhal minorities in Baragora near Purulia, West Bengal, India.
  • Preschool for poverty-stricken population groups in Gobardanga, West Bengal, India.
  • Sewing courses for women at high risk of poverty in the villages around Jogimara, Nepal.


Future plans of the partner organizations:


  • Tutoring also for pre-school children in Baragora, Purulia.
  • Young adult education through training courses (sewing courses, computer courses) for poverty-stricken population groups in Baragora and Gobardanga, India.
  • Support for children from very poor families by financing school fees for school uniforms and stationery in Chitwan, Nepal.
  • Drinking water projects in Chitwan, Nepal.


A very special thank you from our partner organizations to our members and donors. Thanks to your support, AGAMEE in West Bengal and the United Serve Society in Nepal can make a big difference and give disadvantaged people, especially children, the chance to lead a self-determined life. We are very proud of our local partners, who work with full commitment, transparency and respect to improve living conditions in their countries.


Here are some impressions from the project areas:


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