Projects at a glance


Project overview BANGLADESH

2020 - today drilling of deep wells to supply schools with arsenic-free water

2020 - today foundation of a drilling company for drilling wells and creating jobs

2019 - today reconstruction of defective SIDKO filters with innovative water purification (PAUL water purification system, University of Kassel)

2016 - today development of innovative and sustainable methods for the removal of arsenic from groundwater in cooperation with the University of Heidelberg

2015 - today development of sustainable filter systems together with the University of Heidelberg, TU Darmstadt and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Pabna, Sirajgonj, Sylhet

2015 - today Sampling of wells for arsenic Pabna, Sirajganj and Habiganj

2015 - today Construction, operation and monitoring of deep wells in Pabna/Sirajganj

2014 - 2019 Installation of 4 SIDKO filters for arsenic removal from drinking water

2013 - today foundation of a sewing shop near Rana Plaza AGAPE Fashion in Dhaka

2006 - 2013 Distribution and operation of SONO filter in Batiakhara, Pabna for arsenic removal from drinking water

2006 Vocational school in Batiakhara, Pabna

2003 Primary and vocational school in Goaljani, Sirajganj

2002 Primary school/vocational school in Goshkhali, Borguna

2001 Primary school in Dhaka in the Kamalbag slum

2000 Primary school in Batiakhara, Pabna

1999 vocational school in Laulaipara, Pabna


Project overview INDIA

2005 Orphanage and fishermen's houses in Mangalkuntu, Kunyakumari

2002 vocational school in Bishnubati, Santiniketan

2004 Vocational school in Rampura, Midnapur

2001 Primary school in Rampura, Midnapur

2001 Primary school in Sungmura, Barasa

1998 Primary school in Calcutta-Howrah, Dasnagar slum

1997 Primary school in Chandanpur

1995 vocational school in Gobardanga

1994 Primary school in Calcutta, Chetla

1994 Primary school in Gobardanga

1993 Primary school/vocational school in Pilkhana slum

1992 Primary school in Calcutta-Howrah


Project overview ROMANIA


Project overview NEPAL

2001 Primary school in Pokhara, Kaski District, Kathmandu

1998 Primary school/vocational school in Piple, Chitwan District, Kathmandu

1997 Primary school/vocational school in Kathmandu


Project overview TIBET

1998 Orphanage and primary school, Lhasa

1996 Primary school in Pempu, Lhasa


Other commitments

  • Refugee Aid
  • Visiting service for lonely people in the Heidelberg area

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